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Through the development of the Stratus X1 device, Fluition members have realized the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration on the outcome of our projects. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, team members are able to see problems from all sides invoking empathy and encouraging human-centered design. This design thinking attitude has been vital to our success, and when paired with strategies from the business model canvas they create the perfect environment for new ideas to develop.

After Fluition's success, we realized that bringing together a team of individuals with respective backgrounds in business, engineering, and health sciences allowed us to create better designs, receive more feedback, and see the bigger picture. However, we also realized that our educations did not provide that for us in any of the projects we had worked on. If not for a stroke of luck bringing us together, Fluition would not likely exist.  So we have decided to change that!

The InterDisciplinary Entrepreneurship Alliance, or IDEA, is a group that is being established by Fluition to encourage more collaboration between various areas of study in undergraduate and graduate higher education. IDEA aims to develop interdisciplinary collaboration techniques, design thinking methods, and utilize aspects from the business model canvas to encourage groups of students to think like entrepreneurs.

IDEA meetings are open to any major, but will be specifically targeting business, engineering, and biomedical students. The goal will be for biomedical students who are in their clinical settings to see problems happening in the industry and then bring those problems back for the engineers to help solve. Simultaneously the business students can determine if the idea is financially feasible and determine if anyone will buy it. By working on these projects together, problems can be solved faster, with greater benefit, and with less cost. Once the initial phase of finding and identifying problems is complete, students will be able to employ design thinking methods and use the business model canvas to develop their ideas and turn them into reality.

In addition to encouraging students to work together, employ human centered design, and utilize the business model canvas, Fluition will also provide guest speakers, food, games, and fun. These events will be hosted at GR Current, Fluition's incubator, which provides a laid back atmosphere which is abuzz with great minds and an entrepreneurial spirit.